Cast Iron Weight Plates 5lb, Pair

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Brand Synergee
Plate Type Multipurpose
Plate Material Cast Iron
Opening Diameter 2"
Sold In Singles
Weight Tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight
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Our Synergee Cast Iron Weight Plates are sleek and durable. Whether used on their own or loaded onto a barbell, these plates are incredible tools for building strength and stamina in your home or commercial gym.

All our Weight Plates are sold in singles. With a 2” opening, they can be loaded onto any standard barbell. Their thin profile is ideal for spacial efficiency, whether they’re on the bar or being stored. Three handles around the circumference of plate provide reliable grip for less drops (i.e. less damage to your plates, floor, and toes! Phew!).

The black cast iron design looks sharp, is designed for comfort during loading and unloading, and the large embossed numbers are highly visible even from a distance. Plates are marked with Synergee logo, kilogram, and lb demarcations for easy identification. These plates are a must have for strength training programs.


Cast Iron Plates Guide

  2.5lb 5lb 10lb 25lb 35lb 45lb
Dimensions 6" x 0.7" 7.5" x 0.9" 9" x 1.1" 13.4" x 1.5" 15" x 1.7" 16.5" x 1.9"



These plates are ready to be used the moment you get them! No need to wait a few days to air out the smell, like you would with most weight plates. Just unpack them and get lifting.


Our Weight Plates are compact and spatially efficient. Their Cast Iron composition makes adding weight to the bar easy, and makes storage even easier!


Break through plateaus with our thin-profile, durable plates. These plates are compact, allowing you to add more onto your bar. Weight markings are visible from afar with clear, crisp embossed KG and LB markings.


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