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Balance Board

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Anti-Slip Top Yes
Board Dimensions (L x W) 29" x 11"
Roller Dimensions (L x W) 16" x 4.5"
Board Material Plywood
Grip Tape On Underside Of Board

Strengthen your core, improve your posture, and develop your proprioception with the Synergee Balance Board!

The Synergee Balance Board offers benefits that will be obvious on hills, waves, and at the gym: perfect for snowboarders, surfers, and skateboarders looking to maintain your balance and strength in the off-season; and also functional fitness athletes looking for a new stability challenge.

The board is simple to set up; although, the challenge it offers is anything but that! Place the board on the roller: start with a plank… then try standing… we bet you will feel those stabilizer muscles in your core and legs like you never have before.

The Board and Roller are two separate pieces. The board is constructed with anti-slip top, along with secured stoppers and grip tape on the underside of the board. While these features help with grip, it is ultimately up to YOU to maintain the balance!

WBD Wooden Balance Board

Availability: 2000 In Stock

Do you want to make your strenuous training exciting and far more effective? The only key to unlock the doors of all fitness benefits is the Wooden Balance Board! Whether you want to develop your core muscles, recover quicker, prevent day-to-day injuries, improve body awareness, or improve your posture, the Balance Board is the only thing you are looking for! Say hello to a world of versatile workouts with our new equipment.