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Resistance Bow, Band Bow

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Length When Assembled 55"
Resistance Bands Included 4
Max Bow Resistance 300 lb

The Synergee Resistance Band Bow will provide you with a portable, versatile, compact gym for getting fit, building strength, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This tool is all you need for a full body workout: not even a spotter is required! Squat, press, pull, and lunge safely and efficiently: this piece of gear will suit all your needs.

The Synergee Resistance Band Bow comes with a sturdy 55.5" bow and 4 bands ranging from 10 lb to 40 lb. Anywhere from 1 to 4 bands can be used at once to add 10-100 lb of resistance to your workouts! Bands can be snapped in and out of place onto the bow with ease and speed for different workouts, intensities, and athletes. The Bow can be transported in 3 pieces and then assembled and locked into place for your workout, making it easier to carry!

Anchor the band. Lift, pull, and push the bow. Feel the burn!