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HD Weight Sled, Powder Coated

Availability: 2000 In Stock

Take your training to the next level with the Weight Sled. Increase your strength, power and explosiveness using pushing and pulling exercises. Perfect for developing leg power and core strength. Includes vertical pole for plate loading, providing increased resistance as you get stronger during your fitness journey. horizontal bar and double pole options are easily exchanged so you can push/pull the sledge in either direction. Constructed in high quality powder-coated steel, perfect for use on a prowler track. 

Weight Sled, Footwork, Agility, Strength & Training

Availability: 20000 In Stock


Color Black
Sled Max Weight 50lbs
Filler Bags Included 5
Filler Bags Max Weight 10lbs
Adjustable Leash & Belt Included
Great For Footwork, Agility, Strength & Training

Sprinters, football players, and other athletes that need to accelerate quickly and efficiently will LOVE this Speed Sled. Fill the nylon bags with sand; fill the sled with the bags; set the harness on your waist; and take it for a sprint! Each bag can be filled with 10 lbs of sand (sand not included) and each sled comes with 5 bags. Velcro straps in the sled keep the weighted bags in place, and the belt sits comfortable on your waist and attaches to the sled with a ring that is specifically constructed to allow for quick changes in direction. The belt and leash are adjustable for different athletes with various training needs. If your goal is to become faster, this is the gear for you!