BOSU Ball Rack

Reference: 810032231415



Height 59 1/4"
Width 30"
Distance From Wall Corner 27.5"
Capacity 5 BOSU Balls
Material Steel
Coating Black Non-Chip Powder Coating
Hardware Included Yes
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A gym is only as good as its storage. Make more space for your workouts with the Synergee Bosu Ball Rack.

This welded steel rack stands firmly in place to hold your Bosu Balls off the ground and make them easily accessible. The rack stands 59.25” tall on a 30" x 27.5" base to offer useful vertical storage. The rack can store up to 5 Bosu Balls.

Installation is quick and easy; and all installation hardware is included. In minutes, you will have the rack assembled and your Bosu Balls off the ground! This rack is essential for gyms that hold Bosu Ball classes on the regular; and suitable for home, garage, and commercial gyms alike.


Our Weight Plate Rack is compact, sturdy, and stands tall and pretty! Bringing this into your training space is a sure-fire way to bring order to your home, garage, or commercial gym.


Bosu Balls are great – but they are also BULKY! A Bosu Ball Rack will do wonders for your home, garage, or commercial gym! Up to 5 Bosu Balls can stored in a fraction of a space they would otherwise. You’ll have more space for USING the Bosus, rather than having them sitting around!


A few screws here, a couple bolts there, and your Bosu Ball Rack is ready to go. Assembly is uncomplicated and is further simplified with an easy to read and follow instruction manual. Every piece that is required for successful assembly is included in the package.


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