Tricep Rope Grip Cable Attachments, Double Ended

Reference: 810032231170



Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Diameter 1"
Grip Braided
Rope Length 8.9"
Max Length 13.3"
Weight 1.25lb
Material Nylon
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Pushdown, curl, and pull your way to a chiseled Adonis physique with the Synergee Tricep Rope Attachment! Available in 2 different styles to meet all your fitness needs.

These Tricep Ropes are compatible with cable machines that have a carabiner clip in. They’re also compact, so you can have it in your gym bag and do your favorite cable machine exercises wherever you go! Easy to use and a safe way to get those upper body exercises done.

The Tricep Rope is constructed with a strong and thickly threaded black rope, fitted with rubber stoppers to aid with grip. The Single Ended Rope is 13.3” in length and 1” thick; and the Dual Ended Rope is 24.2” long and 1” thick. This piece is the most popular attachment for cable machines. We made it as durable as possible so it can hold up rep after rep. No assembly required – clip it onto your cable machine and get it done!


The Single Ended Attachment is perfect for unilateral movements. Fix muscular imbalances and attack weaknesses, one arm at a time.


The Synergee Tricep Rope Attachment is compatible with cable machines that feature a carabiner attachment point. Clip it on and go for it!


Both the Single and Dual Ended Ropes have rubber stoppers at the end to increase the longevity of your Cable Machine Attachment and to lend you some extra grip.


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