Lat Bar Cable Attachment 48"

Reference: 810032231101



Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Knurling Standard
Handle Diameter 25 mm
Length 48"
Material Steel
Weight 11lb
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Want an impressive back? You’ll need the Synergee Lat Bar Cable Attachment! Our 48” Chrome Bar will target lats, traps, rhomboids, and serratus for a strong, stable, sexy backside!

The Lat Bar is compatible with a Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment. Clip in your Synergee Lat Bar and get to work! This Lat Bar has round rubber endcaps on either end and knurling across the bar various no-slip grip options.

The bar is constructed with solid steel, finished with chrome, and fitted with a smooth-moving swivel. Built to last and constructed to give you the best back workout ever!


There is 7" of knurl at either end of the lat bar to give you a comfortable, confident grip while you grind out your reps. To top it off, there are rubber caps at the ends to add stability and help you hold on 'til your set is done!


The center bar has 8" of knurl on either side of the attachment point for your narrow grip movements. Grab it with a pronated or supinated grip - whatever your workout calls for - and this bar will sit solidly in your hands.


Build your back muscles for a strong, sexy V-tapered backside. From rows, to pull-overs, to pull-downs, this gear is the perfect for strengthening your lats to meet your physique goals!


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