Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment

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Brand Synergee
Use Attachment
Knurling Standard
Handle Diameter 25 mm
Length 14"
Height 8.3"
Material Steel
Weight 6.5lb
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Target those lats, work the traps, feel the burn in your delts, and build up your pecs with the Synergee Narrow Pull Down Bar. This Cable Machine attachment is simple, yet effective. It’s the perfect tool for performing compound upper body movements that result in stronger arms, shoulders, and chest. This Pull Down component is compatible with every Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment. Clip it in and start building that enviable upper body! This piece is made from steel and chrome-coated for increased longevity. It features pro-style handles with a medium-depth knurl for comfortable grips.


The Synergee Pull Down Bar is compatible with cable machines that feature a carabiner attachment point. Clip it on and go for it!


Our Pull Down Bar is made with Pro-Style Handles that feature a medium-depth knurl. Your shoulders will ask for a break before your grip does – and that’s how gains are made!


Our Pull Down Bar is constructed with steel for a solid, long-lasting piece of gear. We finish it with chrome to make it look good and resist rusting!


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