Exercise Equipment Floor Mats 60in x 30in

Reference: 810032231644

Foot Print 60" x 30"
Thickness 3mm
Absorbs Impact Yes
Color Black
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Fitness equipment does not pair well with concrete, tile, carpet, or hardwood floors. Now, consider your Bike, Rower, and/or Treadmill sitting on a High-Density Rubber Mat made specifically to fit those very pieces of equipment… oh baby, that’s what I am talking about!

Our Exercise Mats are constructed with PVC and designed to fit your favorite piece of cardio equipment. They come in Large is 84 in x 36 in; Medium is 72 in x 30 in; and Small is 60 in x 30 in. Each mat has a black, textured, non-slip finish and carries an embossed Synergee Logo.

This flooring provides a durable layer of protection for your gym space and is also comfortable for sit ups, skipping, and any other exercises that require a little extra padding and impact absorption. This makes for a safer workout for you and prolong the life of your equipment and floors.



Our Small Mat measures 60 in x 30 in and fits a Peleton Bike, Concept2 Bike Erg, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, and various other stationary bicycle models. Cycle inside with a mat that will create a protective barrier between your bike and the floor.


Our Medium Mat measures 72 in x 30 in and fits various other manual and motorized treadmills. Please measure your exercise equipment before purchasing. Reduce the noise and vibrations as you go for your runs and protect your floors from any footing or wheels on the underside of the machine.


Our Large Mat measures 84 in x 36 in and fits a rower or ski erg. This design is especially helpful for anyone with a powerful pull because it will keep your rower in place when it might otherwise hop along and scratch your home gym floors. NOTE: This mat is smaller than the Concept 2 Rower footprint.


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