Working Mini Exercise Bike

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Use Cardio
Foot Print
(L x W)
15" x 13.5"
Height 12.5"
Pedal Length 3.75"
Color Black
Monitor Functions Time / Distance / Count / Total Count / Calories
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The Synergee Mini Exercise Bike with LCD Monitor is the perfect solution for switching up your sedentary habits! Add some movement to your TV watching, your reading routine, your office space, or anywhere else you feel idle and stuck. Increase blood flow, improve your focus, and to burn calories while you watch, read, or work. This compact and adjustable cycle machine is the perfect solution for restless legs; or anyone looking to increase their exercise without drastically changing their lifestyle!

The Synergee Mini Exercise Bike has adjustable resistance so you can pedal as hard as your heart desires. The pedal straps have 2 settings to hold your feet; or flip the pedals over to grip the flat side with your hands. Either way, you’ll get a great cardio workout! We constructed our Mini Bike with a 5-pound cast iron flywheel for more stability and less wobble as you pedal. Plus, rubber feet on the bike keep it secured in place.

Our Mini Exercise Bike comes with an LCD Screen that displays: Time, Distance, Count (pedal rotations per session), Total Count (running total of pedal rotations), and Calories. Transform your sedentary lifestyle into an active one with this arm and leg exercising tool.


Work and leisure life involve a lot of sitting these days. Switch it up with the Synergee Mini Bike! It can be set in front of a couch, under a desk or table, and it can bring sweat to your brow in seconds. The Foot Straps have two options for length and are held together by screws for a tight, trustworthy foothold.


Our Exercise Bike can be used for an upper body cardio workout, too! The pedals can be flipped over for a comfortable, mild-grip surface that will suit your hands perfectly. Set it on top of a table and get your arms pumping!


You can reach your fitness goals without completely upending your lifestyle. You can still watch your favorite TV show; read your favorite book; put another hour of work in at the office. And with our Mini Bike by your side, you can also get your heart rate up while you do it! Set cardio goals and achieve them with this small – but impactful – change to your routine.


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