Flat Folding Bench

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Foldable Bench is a must-have for athletes who want a bench with none of the bulk! This bench folds out to 15.8” x 41.6” x 12” and has a 400 lb capacity for your presses, split squat, and dip needs! Then, when you’re done your workout, it folds away into a 41.6" x 12" x 5" collapsed frame; perfect for storing under tables, beds, or against a wall!

This bench is an awesome option for home gym users who are new to lifting. With a 400 lb capacity – including the weight of the athlete on it – it can support novice to moderate weights. This bench will support your workouts without taking over your space.


Max Capacity 400lb
Color Black
Foot Print
(L x W)
41.6" x 12"
Folded Dimensions 41.6" x 12" X 5"
Pad Thickness 1.7"
Steel 16 Gauge Steel

Flat Folding Bench Guide

Color Black & Red
Foot Print (L x W) 41.6" x 12"
Max Capacity 400lb
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It's important that our bench cushion is thick enough that you are comfortable during your presses, but not so thick that you feel unstable. We've perfected that balance with our Synergee Foldable Bench's 1.7"-thick cushion. It is a layer of dense foam surrounded by stylish, vegan leather. Looks great and feels great for every single rep.


This bench arrives ready to rock! No assembly required – just fold it out. Loosen the screws, position them as needed, lock everything into place, and it takes about as long to set up the bench as it took you to read that. It’s really that easy. It arrives in the same set up that you will store it in!


Lift heavy, exercise aggressively, and don't worry about scratching your floors! Whether you're doing presses, core work, or split squats, the non-slip caps on the feet of our bench will help your bench stay in place. The feet make this bench perfect for all settings: concrete, rubber floor, hardwood, or outside.


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The flat bench's heavy-duty steel guarantees optimal comfort and support. You can burn fat and increase muscle with the help of this robust bench. You can perform diverse workouts, such as bicep curls, chest presses, bench presses, triceps dips, floor-to-bench planks, and pushups using the versatile exercise bench.

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Max Capacity 1,000lb
Color Black
Foot Print
(L x W)
Pad Thickness 2.5"
Steel 11-Gauge Steel

You might as well throw away your mattress – once you lie on the Synergee Flat Bench, you’re never going to want to lie on anything else. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But you’ll definitely never want to BENCH on anything else!

Our bench is an impressive foot print of 46" x 20”: perfect for any short, tall, or in between Bench Presser! The Synergee Flat Bench comes in three pieces that take minutes to assemble. There are no tiny thing-a-majigs to fumble with; just 4 sturdy pieces that make set up quick, so you can get right to lifting! And less pieces also means less moving parts and more stability.

Our bench is fashioned from Steel and will provide you with unwavering support. The Synergee Bench is fitted with a comfortable foam and diamond-emblazoned black fabric that helps wick away sweat, keep you comfy, and that looks totally awesome.

Storing and moving your bench is a breeze with the handle, wheels and its crazy lightweight construction (only 28lb!). No more awkward carrying; just bad@$$ benching.