Hex Trap Bar, 20KG Chrome

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Bar Use Specialty
Bar Weight 25kg
Bar Length 56"
Bar Height 6.25"
Loadable Sleeve Length 10"
Diameter 28mm
Top Handle Knurl Standard
Bottom Handle Knurl Aggressive
Coating Chrome or Black Phosphate
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The Hex bar looks incredible and lifts like a dream. Whether you choose the Black Phosphate or Chrome finish, your bar will have a sleek, clean look and be resistant to oxidation and wear.


The Hex Bar allows you to lift safer, which leads to less injury. The hexagonal design helps you avoid Bad Pain – like, “Ouch I damaged something and need to take a week off” - and push through that Hurt-So-Good Pain – like, “Yeah, this is difficult; but my butt is gonna look awesome tomorrow!”.


The 25kg Hex Bar is designed with raised handles and standard height; the 20kg Hex Bar has standard height only. Both handle styles offer a versatile tool for power and strength building movements with less strain.


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