Competition Bumper Plates, 45 LB

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Plate Type Multipurpose
Plate Material Rubber Polymer
Insert Material Steel Disc, Chrome Plated
Diameter 17.6"
Collar Opening 2"
Weight Tolerance +/- 15 grams of claimed weight
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Professional. Competitive. Sexy. Those are the three words that will come to mind when you check out our new Synergee Competition Plates.

Our competition plates set themselves apart from the rest with their steel disc, chrome-coated center. This center adds to the plates’ durability and translates to an extra low bounce when dropped. Less bounce is great for the plates, and even better for your barbell. The less bounce, the less your barbell sleeves will slam against the steel insert when dropped. Better for you, your plates, your bar, your platform… plus, it looks great.

Our competition plates are sold in singles. With a collar opening of 2”, they can be loaded onto any standard barbell. These Bumper Plates correspond to standard Olympic Weight Color Coding: 25LB (Green), 35LB (Yellow), 45LB (Blue), 55LB (Red).

Each plate has white letter markings that are highly visible, even from a distance. These plates are a must have for any workout that uses Olympic lifts, as well as home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and school weight rooms.

Competition Plate Guide

25lb 35lb 45lb 55lb
Width 1.30" 1.69" 2.15" 2.68"


Our Competition Plates boast an ideal durometer hardness rating. These plates are designed with a steel core to bounce less when dropped, which means a lesser force is exerted on the barbell, which means your plate and bar are saved from impact and damage. Plus, less bounce means more predictable bar travel when dropped, which allows you to workout safely in small spaces or with others.


Break through plateaus with our thin-profile, durable plates. These plates are compact, allowing you to lift as much as 555 lbs (510 lbs in plates on a 45 lb bar), and their expert design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about damaging yourself or your gear.


Our Competition Plates are sold individually. Each plate is packaged on its own to arrive to you in pristine condition. If you are interested in using them on your barbell for Olympic or powerlifting, we recommend adding 2 to your cart!


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Accessory Rack

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Brand Synergee
Use Storage
Pegs 5
Material Steel
Finish Sleek Black Powder Coat

If you’re looking for a way to keep your gym space looking tidy and organize all your accessory equipment, look no further! The Synergee Accessory Rack is the go-to storage solution to keep athletes from misplacing go-to gear. This wall mounted rack comes with 5 pegs to help you stay organized. Store resistance bands, jump ropes, belts & much more. The Accessory Rack comes with hardware to install on both wood and concrete, keeping it mounted securely in place no matter what!

Fixed Barbell, 90lb

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Bar Weight 10-110lb
Diameter 30 mm
Shaft Coating Chrome
Sleeve Coating Rubber


10LB Bar 41.4" x 7.9"
20LB Bar 41.4" x 7.9"
30LB Bar 42.2" x 7.9"
40LB Bar 43.2" x 7.9"
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Bumper Plates, 15lbs Pair

Availability: 20000 In Stock
Brand Synergee
Plate Type Multipurpose
Plate Material Rubber Polymer
Diameter 17.5"
Collar Opening 2"
Weight Tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight

Our Synergee Bumper plates are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and they come with an honest price tag. We don’t charge you for shipping; we only charge for a pair of low-bounce, high-quality rubber polymer bumper plates.

When hitting your 1RM, the last thing that should be on your mind is, “Can I drop this if I need to bail?!”. These bumper plates are built to withstand drops - even from overhead - so you can prioritize your safety while challenging PRs. They are durable and dependable, and they save your platform, floors/mats, and bars from damage, too!

All bumper plates are sold in pairs. With a collar opening of 2”, they can be loaded onto any standard barbell; and with their thin profile, you can load 5 x 45 lbs and 2 x 15 lbs plates on a standard bar sleeve (510 lbs total).

The white-on-black design looks sharp, and the large white numbers are highly visible even from a distance. These plates are a must have for any workout that uses Olympic lifts, as well as home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and school weight rooms.

Mini Bands, Set of 10 Green Medium Resistance

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Our Synergee Mini Bands are the most affordable, versatile, portable, and easy-to-use pieces of fitness equipment we sell! If you don’t have these in your arsenal already, what are you waiting for?!

These bands can be used by anyone for almost anything: strength and conditioning, muscle toning, stretching, Pilates, weight management, and rehabilitation. Each band is made to last and maintain their elasticity after years of use. They can be used to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, and overall health and wellness. These physical therapist-approved, professional-grade bands can be used for everyday workouts and recovery. They come with their own carrying case, so storage is as simple as can be!


Mini Band Guide

Resistance Level Light Medium Heavy Extra Heavy Extra Extra Heavy
Resistance (lbs.) 5-20 20-35 35-40 40-45 45-50
Thickness (mm) .7 .9 1.1 1.3 1.5
Dimensions (Inches) 12x2 12x2 12x2 12x2 12x2

Adjustable Folding Bench

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Adjustable Folding Bench is a versatile incline & decline bench for athletes who want all the lifting angles from a bench with none of the bulk! This bench folds out a 46.5” x 12.4” frame; the back seat is 27” x 12” and the bottom seat is 12.5” x 13.5”.

With 400 lb capacity, this bench can support your presses, split squat, and dip needs! Then, when you’re done your workout, it folds away into a 33" x 13"-sized, storable piece of gear! Perfect for storing under tables, beds, or against a wall!

This bench is an awesome option for home gym users who are new to lifting. With a 400 lb capacity – including the weight of the athlete on it – it can support novice to moderate weights. This bench will support your workouts without taking over your space. There are 4 seat cushion positions and 7 back cushion positions; set it, lift heavy things, store it, and repeat!

Climbing Peg Board, 4 Foot - Pair

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Brand Synergee
Dimensions Per Peg Board (LxWxH) 11.5" x 1.5" x 47"
Total Dimensions - Stacked (LxWxH) 11.5" x 1.5" x 94"
Distance Between Mounting Holes 6"
Holes Per Board 18
Pegs Included 4 Wood Pegs
Weight 15lb
Material Birch Plywood

Ascend to new heights in fitness with our Synergee Peg Board. Perfect for upper body training, climbing enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fun fitness challenge!

Our Synergee Peg Board is 1.5” thick, comprised of top-notch plywood. The staggered holes allow for various routes to be taken and challenges to be unlocked! At 47” x 11.5”, there is so much room for activities up and down this board. You’ll become best friends with it instantly.

Each Peg Board comes with 4 Solid Wood Oak Pegs – so if you lose one set, you’ll have another on hand! Each Peg Board also comes with mounting hardware for both wood and concrete walls.

Fixed Barbell, 100lb

Availability: 20000 In Stock
Bar Weight 10-110lb
Diameter 30 mm
Shaft Coating Chrome
Sleeve Coating Rubber


10LB Bar 41.4" x 7.9"
20LB Bar 41.4" x 7.9"
30LB Bar 42.2" x 7.9"
40LB Bar 43.2" x 7.9"
50LB Bar 43.4" x 7.9"
60LB Bar 44" x 7.9"
70LB Bar 44.8" x 7.9"
80LB Bar 45.6" x 7.9"
90LB Bar 46.4" x 7.9"
100LB Bar 47.2" x 7.9"
110LB Bar 49.4" x 7.9"

Weight Plate Dumbbell Rack

Availability: 20000 In Stock

Whether at home in the home gym or as a professional weight tree in the gym: there is space for a total of seven weight plates here on a total of seven bars. 

Material, Dimensions, Weight: Material: Steel — Dumbbell tree size: L x W x H: approx. 67 x 38.5 x 91 cm — Maximum load: 200 kg — Outer plate length: approx. 20 cm — Inner disc attachment length: approx. 13.5 cm — Plate top diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Made in China

Steel Macebells, 5lb

Availability: 20000 In Stock
Macebell Weight 5-40lb
Knurl Standard
Coating Black Powder Coating
Handle Length 5lb: 28"
10-40lb: 37.5"
Material Steel

Macebells are a piece of strength equipment that have been conditioning invincible warriors for centuries. As far back as the 1200’s, Gada – a club with a spherical head which our modern-day Macebell is fashioned after – was used to strengthen Persian soldiers; and into the 20th century, it’s been incorporated into strongman training.

In short, this piece of equipment is timeless and recognized for making incredible athletes. If you want to face everyday with the determination and resilience of a warrior, add a Macebell to your workouts IMMEDIATELY!

Our Macebells are simple and effective: made of steel, heavy towards the spherical end, and embossed with 1.2 mm diamond knurling on the shaft to aid with grip. Macebells are available in 5 lb increments from 5 to 40 lbs.

The multitude of unilateral movements and core- and shoulder-engaging workouts you can do with this one solid piece of equipment is staggering. To be a warrior, you need to train like one. You need a Macebell.

Premium LED Programmable Interval Wall Timer Gym, Medium Timer

Availability: 20000 In Stock

A Synergee Premium Interval Timer is the perfect addition for any gym – home or commercial. Choose between 3 sizes – Small (8.5" x 2"), Medium (16” x 4") & Large (29” x 6”) – to suit your gym needs.

The Timer’s crystal-clear LED and high-contrast display allows you to see the bright red and blue numbers from all corners of your gym. The crisp “beeps” are at the ideal frequency for hearing when your AMRAP is up, even if you workout with music. We are positive that when you lock eyes with these bright, glaring numbers, you’ll work your butt off to get a few extra reps in before time is up!

Our Timers are easy to use and completely customizable. You can program rounds and work-to-rest ratios to suit your specific training needs. Or, choose from one of the numerous preprogrammed settings: there are so many! This Timer is your key to unlocking a plethora of training styles for yourself or your clients with minimal remote-fiddling. Each Timer comes with an easy-to-read manual to walk you through the process.

The Synergee Premium Interval Timer come with one remote (batteries not included) with a 60 ft range. Extra remotes can be purchased separately. Each Timer plugs into a 120 V/NEMA-5 socket (i.e. common North American socket). Wall mounts are included with Large & Medium clocks (not with Small).


Gym Timer Chart

Small Timer
Medium Timer
Large Timer
Dimensions 8.5” x 2” 16” x 4” 29” x 6”
Hardware Included No Yes Yes

DBBL-5LB Rubber Hex Dumbbells, 5lb Pair

Availability: 20000 In Stock

Do your dumbbells slide away when you're working out? If you answered yes, it's time to upgrade to the great hex dumbbells. Hexagonal dumbbells consist of two weighted heads on which most of the weight is distributed and a central grip shaft. Each head has a hexagonal shape that prevents the dumbbell from rolling. Hexagonal dumbbells are a popular choice for home gyms because of their non-rolling feature. If you're continuously changing weights, taking them up, and putting them down, it’s high time that you switch to the amazing hex dumbbells. Because of their extra stability, they're also great for floor-based circuits like dumbbell push-ups.

Prevents rolling and protect your floor

Ensure a secure and non-slip grip 

Perfect for building muscles

Helps enhance strength 

Improves cardiovascular health

Allows you to perform multiple workouts

Games Barbell, 15KG Red, Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose

Availability: 20000 In Stock


Bar Type Women's Bars
Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Weight 15kg
Diameter 25mm
Knurl Standard
Center Knurl No
Knurl Marks Dual
Shaft Coating Cerakote
Bar Length 79.13"
Loadable Sleeve Length 13"
Sleeve Coating Black Phosphate
Bushing/Bearing Bearings
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI
Max Load 1500lb
Straightened To Within 0.019685" (0.5mm)

The  Games Barbell is our most durable and our athletes’ favorite! It is perfect for new and experienced lifters who crave an awesome bar at a kick-butt price.

Our steel bar is finished with a Cerakote coating: you’ll look tired at the end of your workout, but this barbell won’t, even after years of use! This bar has a tensile strength rating of 190,000 psi and 1500lb capacity so you can depend on it for all your workouts with no fear of it bending. It has a 1.2mm diamond knurl to ensure you can grip without the rip. Equipped with 10 sets of needle bearings, this bar is ultra-responsive. It’s perfect for Olympic lifting and multidisciplinary training.