25lb Five-Foot Barbell, Color: Black

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Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, Multipurpose
Bar Weight 25lb
Bar Length 60"
Loadable Sleeve Length 9.8"
Diameter 28mm
Max Load 500lb
Coating Chrome/Black Phosphate/Cerakote
Bearings/Bushings Bushings
Knurl Standard
Tensile Strength 63,800 PSI
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Our Five Foot Barbell weighing in at 25 lbs and works with standard weight plates with 2”-openings. The loadable sleeve length is 9.8” per side, and a 39.8” shaft length and 63,800 PSI tensile strength steel. This bar is more compact than the standard Olympic Barbell and is perfect for a Novice or Elementary lifter looking for a 25 lb bar. This bar is designed with a standard knurl and bushings to provide a very comparable experience to lifting with an Olympic barbell.

Five Foot Bar Guide

Chrome Black Phosphate Cerakote
Sleeves Chrome Black Phosphate Cerakote - Red
Shaft Chrome Black Phosphate Black Phosphate


The Five Foot Bar is constructed with bushings rather than bearings. It's designed to be the perfect first barbell for your home gym and introductory barbell for new lifters in terms of function and affordability. Even with bushings, it provides a similar lifting experience to our Open, Regional, and Games barbells; so when you're ready to move up to a longer, heavier, barbell, your skills will transfer over easily!


Choose a finish that suits your style! The Five Foot Bar comes in all chrome; all black; or black and red. The chrome option is chrome-coated end to end. The black Five Foot Bar is cerakote shaft and black phosphate sleeves. And the red option is red cerakote shaft and black phosphate sleeves. Each coating option protects the steel bar underneath from corrosion and wear.


To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing. The packaging is topped off with a special end cap that is tough enough to survive shipping, but is easily removed for unpackaging. As a bonus, each bar is wrapped in an anti-corrosion bag.

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Open Barbell, 20KG, Olympic Barbell

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Bar Type Men's Bars
Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Weight 20KG
Diameter 28MM
Knurl Standard
Center Knurl No
Knurl Marks Dual
Shaft Coating Black Phosphate
Bar Length 86.75"
Loadable Sleeve Length 16.40"
Sleeve Coating Chrome
Bushing/Bearing Bearings
Tensile Strength 150,000 PSI
Max Load 1000lbs
Straightened To Within 0.0393701" (1mm)

Don’t let the low-price fool you – this bar is “great”, “solid”, and “perfect”. We’re not just saying that – our satisfied athletes are.

The Open Barbell is made of high-grade steel, giving it a 150K psi tensile strength rating and a max load of 1000 lbs. The black phosphate coating on the shaft and chrome on the sleeves protects from oxidation and wear. Each bar is fitted with silicon rings to allow you to identify bars by color – blue for the 20 KG, and yellow for the 15 kg.

Each bar has 4 needle bearings (2 per sleeve) to provide a nice spin for dynamic lifts, and the 1.2 mm diamond knurl allows you to grip without the rip. The Synergee Open Bar holds incredible value at an affordable price, meaning it will fit perfectly into your workout routine as well as your budget.

Warning: This barbell is known to cause gains.

Wall Balls, 18 lb

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Weight 6lb | 8lb | 10lb | 12lb | 14lb | 16lb | 18lb | 20lb
Color Black
Diameter 14"
Stitching Double Stitched
Material PVC Leather & PP Material


Our Wall Balls are constructed from the highest quality of PVC Leather and PP material that has great grip and longevity. This provides you with a piece of gear that will last through many, many workouts; and a piece of gear you will enjoy using.


Each of our Wall Balls are 14” in diameter, no matter the weight. This makes it easy for you to move between weights, and no special storage is needed for the heavier vs lighter weights.


There is a loop on either side of the center stitching for an easy-to-grip option. This is especially helpful for holding on tight during Russian Twists or other Ab Exercises!

Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings, 12 Pack

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Color Green
Ring Width 19”
Inside Width 17.75”
Rings Included 12
Great For Footwork, Agility, Strength & Balance Training

All athletes can benefit from agility training. But the agility ladder you’re familiar with is a pain in the butt to use; and not in a good “oh yeah my glutes hurt because they are getting stronger” way!!

Our Hex Training Rings are the most user-friendly agility training unit out there. This set is sturdy and can be linked together into a wide range of agility obstacles. Create a long line; bumps to jump over; separate them for bounding drills; and more! And it will firmly hold its shape between runs.

Each piece can be attached or detached with ease, thanks to a plastic latch on each Hex. Open it to release; line it up with another hex piece and snap it closed into place. It’s that simple!

Weighted Workout Bars, 15lb Single

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Synergee Weighted Workout Bars give you the weights you need in the most convenient, compact, and comfortable package imaginable! These bars are perfect for new and experienced fitness enthusiasts and are extremely easy to incorporate into a workout.

No assembly required - these bars are ready to go and will have you sweaty in seconds! When your hands get sweaty, in particular, the durable & comfortable foam padding reduces slippage, meaning you can lift without worrying about dropping the bar.

Each bar is marked by a colored end cap to add a pop of excitement, and to let you know what weight it is by quick glance.

EZ Curl Bars, Chrome, Weightlifting, Multipurpose

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Bar Type EZ Curl Bar
Bar Use Weightlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Length 47.25"
Bar Weight 19 lb
Diameter 28 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 6.25"
Bushing/Bearing Bushing
Knurl Standard
Center Knurl No
Max Load 450 lb
Coating Chrome/Black Phosphate/Cerakote

If Arm Day is your favorite Gym Day, the EZ Curl Bar will be your new best friend. This bar is ideal for isolated bi and tri exercises, and perfect for accessory work for pull-ups, rowing, climbing, grappling, and developing upper body stabilizer muscles. The Synergee EZ Curl bar will get you the Michelle Obama arms you want; and soon enough, you’ll be flex-pointing in the direction of The Beach with confidence.

We designed this bar with you in mind. The curves allow you to do more reps with less strain on your wrists; because less room for injury means more room for gains! This design allows your wrists and elbows to remain in a more natural position for curls, rows, or skull crushers, and directly engage of your upper- and forearm muscles.

Aluminum Barbell Collars, Red

Availability: 20000 In Stock


Inside Diameter (Inches) 2"
Height (Inches) 3.37"
Width (Inches) 1.5"
Weight (lb) 0.84 lb Per Pair
Outside Material Aluminum
Inside Material Rubber
Color Red, Black & Silver

Light, strong, resilient, and trustworthy – this is what our Synergee Barbell Collars are all about!

These aluminum collars are a must-have for any barbell workout. They are so light (yet powerful!), you’ll think your plates are magically staying in place on their own! But we assure you, it ain’t magic – it’s our superiorly constructed collars!

You can stack, lift, and drop your bar without worrying about your plates shifting or your barbell becoming unbalanced, thanks to the rubberized lining’s tight seal. The simple lock-and-release clasp makes it easy to pop them off or snap them snug. Less fussing with the collars leaves more energy for your lifts.

Rubberized Fractional & Change Plates, Change Plate Set

Availability: 20000 In Stock


Plate Type Change Plate
Plate Material Steel & Rubber
Diameter Varries Between 4.75" - 8.3"
Collar Opening 2"
Weight Tolerance +/- 10 grams

If lifting is part of your training, these   Fractional & Change Plates are a must-have! We’ve seen firsthand in our   Community that our Athletes become stronger and more confident with weight with regular, incremental increases on their barbells: and our Change and Fractional Plates provide JUST THAT!

Change Plates come with 10 plates total: 1 pair each of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 kg plates. Fractional Change plates come with 4 plates: 1 pair each of 0.125 kg & 0.25 kg plates. Change and Fractional Plates can be bought as separate packages, or both can be bought together.

Our plates are made from steel* and covered in a rubber coating to add longevity and provide a firm hold on your barbell. Each plate is painted with bright, beautiful colors to a) look great and b) help you add the right weight because the color makes them easy to identify, even from afar! The 2-inch opening makes it compatible with any standard barbell.

*Note: the 0.125 kg plate is only made from rubber to maintain its lightweight*

Steel Macebells, 5lb

Availability: 20000 In Stock
Macebell Weight 5-40lb
Knurl Standard
Coating Black Powder Coating
Handle Length 5lb: 28"
10-40lb: 37.5"
Material Steel

Macebells are a piece of strength equipment that have been conditioning invincible warriors for centuries. As far back as the 1200’s, Gada – a club with a spherical head which our modern-day Macebell is fashioned after – was used to strengthen Persian soldiers; and into the 20th century, it’s been incorporated into strongman training.

In short, this piece of equipment is timeless and recognized for making incredible athletes. If you want to face everyday with the determination and resilience of a warrior, add a Macebell to your workouts IMMEDIATELY!

Our Macebells are simple and effective: made of steel, heavy towards the spherical end, and embossed with 1.2 mm diamond knurling on the shaft to aid with grip. Macebells are available in 5 lb increments from 5 to 40 lbs.

The multitude of unilateral movements and core- and shoulder-engaging workouts you can do with this one solid piece of equipment is staggering. To be a warrior, you need to train like one. You need a Macebell.

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells, 45lb

Availability: 20000 In Stock

Kettlebells, AKA that piece of fitness equipment that looks like a cannonball with a handle! Similar to Indian clubs and macebells, the Kettlebell offers your body a unique challenge because their center of mass goes beyond the handle. This means multiple muscles get worked at once to move & control the Kettlebell’s unstable mass, resulting in more effective workouts in less time! Our Synergee Kettlebells are a convenient, compact piece of equipment that store and travel well. They are available in various weights from 5 lbs to 50 lbs, suitable for all athletic abilities and perfect for strength progressions. Each bell is made from heavy-duty cast iron and coated with a clean, sleek vinyl cover. The weight of each is easily identifiable thanks to the vinyl color-coding. Swing ‘em, press ‘em, squat ‘em, and if you wanna get real whacky try doing a one-legged squat standing on the handle. I saw someone do that on YouTube once… Anyways. These kettlebells can do all that, and so much more!


Kettlebell Weight 5-50lb
Dimensions Varies By Weight
Material Cast Iron
Coating Black Powder Coating & Vinyl


5lb 0.87" Diameter
10lb 1.1" Diameter
15 - 20lb 1.2" Diameter
25lb 1.3" Diameter
30 - 35lb 1.4" Diameter
40 - 50lb 1.5" Diameter

Heavy Duty Dumbbell Rack

Availability: 20000 In Stock

 Our Dumbbell Rack will make your gym look tidy and professional, encouraging you to go to the gym and train regularly. The remarkable weight holder can accommodate up to 20 dumbbells in its ideal space-saving form. The dumbbell rack not only saves space but also fits your dumbbell set perfectly.

Gives your gym a professional look

Sleek and space-efficient design

Perfect fit for your dumbbell sets

Easy-to-assemble dumbbell rack

A reliable and durable gym accessory