Landmine Platform, 350lb (Unbolted) | 750lb + (Bolted)

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Floor Space 11" x 11" x 16"
Capacity (1) 1" Barbell, (1) 2" Barbell, (1) Battle Rope
Range Of Motion 180-Degrees In Two Different Directions
Max Capacity 350lb (Unbolted) | 750lb + (Bolted)
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coating
Mounting Hardware Included No
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You da bomb. So it’s only fitting you have a Synergee Landmine Platform for your gym.

The Synergee Landmine Platform provides a pivot for your barbell without ruining your walls, bar, or risking slips. This Platform is the safest option for completing compound, one-side-anchored barbell movements. At 47 lb and measuring 11” x 11” x 16”, this steel base is strong and reliable. The Platform has a max weight capacity of 350lb unbolted, and 750lb + when bolted securely to the floor. Note: this platform does not come with mounting hardware.

There are 2 sleeves: the 12” pivoting sleeve is compatible with Olympic-size barbells and the 4” sleeve can hold a 1” barbell. Insert the barbell into the sleeve to perform compound exercises that simulate natural body movements. Build your strength, stabilizers, control, and full body power with this ground-based rotational training device! Plus, it includes an anchor point for a Battle Rope.

Landmine Platform Guide

Floor Space 11" x 11" x 16"
Capacity (1) 1" Barbell, (1) 2" Barbell, (1) Battle Rope
Max Capacity 350lb (Unbolted) | 750lb + (Bolted)
Mounting Hardware Included No


This platform allows the sleeves to travel front to back, and side to side. This mobile pivot point provides you the most during your workouts, so you can hit every angle!


The 47 lb steel base is strong and solid. It ain’t going anywhere! Set it in place permanently by anchoring it to the ground, or add plates to weight it down and relocate as needed.


Keep your drywall, barbell, floors, and body intact with this solid base. No chance of the barbell slipping, no chance of you sliding mid lift, and no chance of a barbell scratching your floors.

Full Range Of Motion

Set your bar in the sleeve, tighten, and sweat it out! This Landmine Platform allows you to move your barbell 180-degrees in two different directions for a full range of motion.

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