Multi-Grip Swiss Bar, 450lb, Black Powder Coating

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Bar Length 82"
Loadable Sleeve Length 13.80"
Sleeve Diameter 2"
Handle Spacing Options 6", 14", 22" & 30"
Handle Diameter 2.8"
Bar Weight 27lbs
Max Load 450lbs
Shaft Coating Black Powder Coating

This bar goes by many names: The Swiss Bar. The Football Bar. And, of course, The Synergee Multi Grip Barbell.

Our Multi-Grip Barbell comes with 4 alternative grips to allow for angled neutral positions for presses, curls and extensions. Each bar is angled to reduce stress on your shoulders during pressing-heavy workouts or exercises that require a full range of motion. It is especially beneficial for athletes recovering from shoulder injuries or with limited shoulder mobility.

Handle Spacing Options 6", 14", 22" & 30"
Bar Weight 27lbs
Max Load 450lbs
Color Black

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Our Synergee Multi-Grip Barbell is constructed solid steel! They offer accurate weight and are precisely balanced, offering different grips for your comfort. Solid steel with a powder coat finish means a long-lasting, powerful bar!


This bar offers 4 different sets of grips. Go from narrow to wide to hit different muscle groups, and enjoy the comfort of lifting with an angled neutral grip!


Our Multi-Grip bar has 2” sleeves, making it compatible with your other Synergee gear! Load it up with bumper plates and your collars and get pressing!