Olympic Weight Plate & Barbell Holder, 850lb of Olympic Plates & 2 Barbells

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Dimensions(LxWxH) 24" x 24" x 50.5"
Capacity 850lb of Olympic Plates &
2 Barbells
Weight Pegs 6 Pegs
Barbell Holders 2 Holders
Material Steel
Coating Black Non-Chip Powder Coating

What holds 2 barbells and over 850 lbs of olympic plates and looks great while doing it? Our Olympic Weight Plate & Barbell Holder!

This Rack is an organization-lover’s dream. The 6 Weight Pegs allow you to arrange your olympic plates by weight, which makes for a clean, tidy, and clever look. Plus, the chrome coated pegs allow for smooth sliding plates on and off!

This Rack also holds 2 Barbells vertically to optimize spatial efficiency. Set it in your commercial, home, or garage gym and watch space open up! With a 24” x 24” footprint, this Rack holds a lot of weight in a relatively small amount of space!

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You really can’t go wrong with this rack! Whether it’s for your home, garage or commercial gym, this rack can hold the perfect amount of equipment. Have it hold all your Oly or Powerlifting equipment & store it safely and in one place. For a commercial gym, buy a few and stagger them throughout the gym so clients aren’t stuck in a traffic jam trying to get weights and bars! It’s PERFECT!


With a 24” x 24” base and a solid, steel body, this Olympic Weight Plate & Barbell Holder can hold a crap-tonne of weight and make way more room for actually lifting! Set over 850 lbs with your plates and bars and stack them on pegs and vertically to make the most efficient use out of this small bit of space!




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