Squat Rack with Pulley

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Footprint 40" X 45"
Height 84"
Hole Size 1"
Weight Capacity 750lb
Pulley System With Straight Bar Included
J-Cups Included - 750lb Capacity
Safety Arms Included - 750lb Capacity
Landmine Included
Material 12 Gauge Steel
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The Pulley System includes (1) 2” Loading Pin; (1) 1” Loading Pin; (1) 60-Inch Cable; (1) Mounting Strap; (1) Pulley; (1) Extender Strap; (1) 12” Straight Bar; and (4) Carabiners.



This Rack comes with (2) J Cups with UHMW and (2) Safety Arms with UHMW (i.e. one pair of each) so can rack your bar, and have a spotter when you're lifting alone! Both can be adjusted in height to suit your squats, presses, bench, and more


Our Rack includes posts on the back of the rack for plate storage. Keep your bumper plates out of the way and in reach so you can stay focused during your workouts! Each rack has (2) posts at 15.4" long and made to hold 2"-opening weight plates.


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