Super Curl Bars, Black Chrome, Weightlifting, Multipurpose

Reference: 810032232986

Bar Type Curl Bar
Bar Use Weightlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Length 47.2"
Bar Weight 20 lb
Diameter 28 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 6.25"
Bushing/Bearing Bushing
Knurl Standard
Center Knurl No
Max Load 400 lb
Coating Chrome/Black Phosphate/Cerakote
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Bicep Curls, Hammer Curls, Preacher Curls, all the curls. The Super Curl bar is your first choice for isolating your biceps and get those sculpted arms you crave.

The Super Curl bar has more aggressive angles than our EZ Curl Bar; but all the same, high quality materials and attention to design and details. This 20 lb, 47.2” long, 28mm diameter bar has a 400 lb capacity and standard knurl. Load it up, hold on tight, and get curlin’. Each sleeve has 6.25 inches of loadable length and is 2” in diameter to suit all your standard weight plates.


Super Curl Bar Guide

  Chrome Black Phosphate Black/Chrome Red
Sleeves Chrome Black Phosphate Black Phosphate Cerakote - Red
Shaft Chrome Black Phosphate Chrome Black Phosphate





Our Curl Bars are designed with powder coated bushings to rotate seamlessly during your reps. From curls to extensions to raises, this bar answers smoothly and responsively to your motions. These bushings provide the right amount of spin that complements isolation exercises to build strength, add definition, and target your favorite muscles.




The Synergee Super Curl Bar comes in Chrome, Black Phosphate & Cerakote. It gives the bar a sleek, clean look while protecting the steel from oxidation and wear. The knurling on the bar adds grip without being too sharp and helps reduce slipping during your reps.




To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, the Super Curl Barbell arrives in a heavy duty cardboard box. The Super Curl Barbell’s unique shape will be protected from dings or scrapes during transit; and its finish will also be preserved thanks to the anti-corrosion bag. It’ll arrive looking great and ready for curls!

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