Wall Mounted Dip Station

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Capacity 400 lb
Total Length 24.2"
Pad Length 11"
Handle Length 4.5"
Handle Diameter 1"
Material Steel
Includes Hardware Yes
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Wall Mounted Dip Station is your ticket to adding dips, knee raises, L sits, and MORE to your home workouts! It’s got parallel handles for dips and reverse rows; cushions and perpendicular handles for L sits and knee raises; and allows you to add killer upper body exercises to your workout routine.

This two-piece system is constructed from heavy-duty steel and then finished with black powder coat, rubber handle covers, and padded arm cushions to provide a sleek and ergonomic dip station. This stand has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs, giving you tons of room to add weight and strive for new PRs!

Installation is easy and we provide a printed instruction manual in every box and an electronic copy on our website for easy access. Screws required to install on drywall and concrete are included. If installing to drywall, we encourage you to purchase an extra piece of wood to mount the dip station arms securely to wall studs. Each arm is 24.2” long, 3.7” in width, and provides 1” diameter handles in parallel and perpendicular positions.


This may be called a Dip Station – but it is SO much more than that! Perform a wide range of upper-body exercises to build strength, stamina, and endurance. Modify with bands to make the exercises easier or with extra weight to make them harder: this station is perfect for athletes of all capabilities!


We know that the more comfortable our equipment is, the more reps you’ll want to bang out, and the more gains you’ll achieve! Each handle on this dip station is fitted with a foam grip pad and the elbow/forearme cushions help you hold on longer and with less pain.


Our Synergee Dip Station is made to help you become fitter, faster, and stronger; so it has to be strong, itself! The Dip Arms are constructed from strong steel and designed with a stable mounting base. These arms can support up to 400 lbs for a hard-hitting upper-body workout!