Yoga Mat Storage Rack

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Dimensions(LxWxH) 32" x 21" x 31"
Capacity 12 Yoga Mats
Material 16 Gauge Steel
Coating Black Non-Chip Powder Coating

Mobility is essential to leading a happy, healthy, limber life. And the Yoga Mat Storage Rack is essential for keeping your mobility equipment all in one place to lead a less frustrated life!

Our Yoga Mat Storage Rack stands on a base of 32” x 21” and has a height of 31”. It’s made from 16-gauge steel and is easy to maneuver with 4 wheels, and easy to keep in place since 2 of those wheels can lock.

These racks are primarily made to hold your yoga mats and foam rollers – but they also make a great spot to hang your jump ropes, mini bands, and more! Get creative with it! Make space in your gym and add a touch of organization and professionalism with this awesome storage rack.

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Racks are essential to having an awesome home, garage, or commercial gym. Our Yoga Mat Storage Rack will give your gym space a tidy, professional look that will motivate you to mobilize and make you the envy of your workout buddies.


Our Yoga Mat Storage Rack has 4 wheels – 2 which lock – to give you the freedom to move it around or set it in place. Increase your mobility with this mobile rack: wherever and whenever it is needed! Awesome for Home, Garage, or Commercial gyms!


A few screws here, a couple bolts there, and your Yoga Mat Storage Rack is ready to go. Assembly is easy and straightforward, but we further simplified it with a clear and concise instruction manual. Every piece that is required for successful assembly is included in the package.


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